TOP: Ksenya Stepanycheva
BOTTOM: A scene from a production of Stepanycheva's play, 2x2=5.


Program Bio
April 2009: Princeton, New Jersey and New York
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Ksenya Stepanycheva is a playwright. Born in Saratov, Stepanycheva spent parts of her childhood in Germany, the Ukraine, and North of the Arctic Circle, thanks to her father’s military service. While studying to receive a degree in marketing in Saratov, Stepanycheva began writing plays, and never stopped. Her play 2x2=5 received First Prize at the All-Russian Competition of Playwrights, Protagonist (Deystvuyushiye litsa), 2004, and was staged by the School of Modern Drama Theater in Moscow and at the Saratov Drama Theater, among others. The play Private Life (Chastnaya Zhizen) was shortlisted for the same prize in 2007. The Pink Bow (Rozovy Bantik), a fairytale, was a winner at the All-Russian Competition of Plays for Children in 2007. The literary journal Contemporary Dramaturgy has published the text of several of her works. A three time participant in the Forum for Young Russian Writers in Moscow, Stepanycheva received a Ministry of Culture stipend to participate in the 2007 Forum.

  • See Stepanycheva's page on the Deystvuyushiye litsa webpage and download the Russian text of her play, 2x2=5.
  • Get the text of Stepanycheva's play Expecting Guests(PDF), translated by Natasha Randall for CEC ArtsLink and presented at the Living Theatre, April 21st, 2009.