Mikhail Durnenkov


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April 2009: Princeton, New Jersey and New York
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Mikhail Durnenkov is a playwright and screenwriter working in Moscow. He began writing for theater in 2000, and has been working professionally in the field since 2005. He is a member of the “New Drama” movement of young Russian playwrights. Durnenkov has lectured at Moscow Pedagogical University, and taught documentary theater seminars. He is a frequent participant in playwriting seminars and workshops across Russia, and is the author of more than 15 plays and screenplays. His most recent play, KHLAM! was produced by the Center for Playwrights and Directors Theater in Moscow, and the ILKHOM Theater in Tashkent. Last Summers Day, a collaboration with his brother Vyacheslav, premiered at the Moscow Art Theater in 2005, with ongoing performances. The Drunks, a new play by the Durnenkov brothers will premiere in August 2009 at the Courtyard Theater in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. The play is one of four specially commissioned works in a series that the Royal Shakespeare Company calls “Other Russia”.

  • See photos from productions of KHLAM! at CDR in Moscow andILKHOM in Tashkent, and from Last Summers Day at the Moscow Art Theater.
  • See the description of the Durnenkov brothers' new play, The Drunks, on the Royal Shakespeare Company website.
  • Read more about Durnenkov and see links to press on the Moscow Art Theater website (in Russian).
  • Read an excerpt from Mikhail Durnenkov's play, JUNK!, translated by Natasha Randall for CEC ArtsLink and presented at the Living Theatre, April 21st, 2009.