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A film still from The Last day of I.S. Bulkin

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A film still from The Phantom of Europe


Book cover for The Russian Version by Elena Fanailova


Books covers for Red Wolves, Red Geese by Maria Galina and Beidevind by Ilya Kukulin


Book cover for the French edition of A Train Named Russia by Natalya Klyuchareva




Stantsiya art space (photo from


Participant Career Updates

The film The Last Day of I.S. Bulkin by Aleksey Andrianov (Open World, 2009) received an award from the Black Maria Film Festival, one of the oldest festivals in the US.

The film Phantom of Europe by Igor Morozov (Open World, 2008) was chosen for participation in the Diversity in Place Film Project (Hawaii). The ten selected participating films will be screened in Honolulu on March 15, 2010 and a jury will decide on the winners.

The Russian Version by Elena Fanailova (Open World, 2007), translated into English by Stephanie Sandler and Genya Turovskaya, has been awarded the 2010 Best Translated Book Award for Poetry, organized by the University of Rochester. The announcement was made on March 10th in New York City.

Ilya Kukulin (Open World, 2008) recently published his first book of poetry, Beidevind. Poems from 1988-2009.

Maria Galina (Open World, 2007), who was a finalist of the 2009 Big Book Award, has pubslihed a new collection of short stories titled Red Wolves, Red Geese (Krasnie volki, krasnie gusi).

German and French translations of the novel A Train Named Russia by Natalya Klyuchareva (Open World, 2009) have recently been published. Natalya presented her novel at the Leipzig Book Fair at the end of March, and took part in the making of a film about Russian writers for the German-French TV channel ARTE in December of last year.

Selected poems by Svetlana Bodrunova (Open World, 2005) were translated into Serbian and published in the anthology Against the Current (Uzyodno od suza) , which features eleven contemporary Russian female poets. Svetlana was also invited as a guest to the Literature Festival in Novi Sad (Serbia) in August 2009.

Alan Cherchesov (Open World, 2008) took part in two international writers’ programs last year: The Château de Lavigny International Writers' Residence in Switzerland in June 2009 and the Het Beschriif Belgian literary association’s residency program in Vollezelle, Flanders in September-October 2009. He also received an invitation to take part in the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa in August-November 2010.

Poems by Lev Oborin (Open World, 2007) were included in the anthology Day of Open Windows-3, which was created as a result of the second Festival of University Poetry, held at the Russian State University for the Humanities last fall. A selection of his poems was also included in the Debut Award collection Criminology of Presence. Several articles by Lev were published in the journal Znamya, and his translations of Indian poetry were published in the journal Foreign Literature.

Andrey Grishaev (Open World, 2007) received the 2009 Znamya journal prize for his poems.

Alexander Andriyashkin (Open World, 2009) took part in a residency at the Center of Contemporary Dance Tanzquartier in Vienna in February-April, 2010. The theme of this residency is the notion of accumulation. Andriyashkin and five other dancers from various countries took part in cross-disciplinary research to collect information about contemporary dance and theater. The group collaborated with European choreographers, philosophers, sociologists and other specialists in the sphere of contemporary dance and culture.

Kseniya Petrenko (Open World, 2009) has finished working on a dramatic play based on the collection of stories by Vasiliy Shukshin Light Souls. The play premiered at the Chelyabinsk New Artistic Theater, where Ksenia works as the choreography director, in April 2010.

Station (Stantsiya) is the first contemporary art space in Kostroma. The project was launched in September 2009 by Ivan Estegneev and the dance company Dialogue Dance (Open World, 2007).

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