Olga Zondberg


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April 2008: Oxford, Mississippi and New York
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Olga Zondberg is the author of two collections of poems titled The Book of Confessions (Kniga priznaniy), published in 1997, and Seven o’Clock and One Minute (Sem' chasov odna minuta in 2007. She has also written a book of prose, Wintertime Company in the Year Zero (Zimnyaya kompaniya nulevovo goda), released in 2001. Her work has been translated into English and Italian, and two of her stories were featured in the New York literary journal A Public Space (2006, no. 2). Her work is also published in English in An Anthology of Contemporary Russian Woman Poets (University of Iowa, 2005). From 1999-2001, she curated the website "Young Russian Literature".

In her own words:

I am a prose writer, and, in the not-so-distant past, a poet. I was born in March, 1972, and I have lived to this day in Moscow, gradually moving farther and farther away from the center. My parents worked, and so it was my grandmother that oversaw my education, and I attribute my interest in Russian literature and culture of the 1920s and 30s to her fond reminiscences of her youth. I attended Moscow State University, and graduated with a degree in Chemistry, going on to work as a chemistry teacher. Then, searching for other work, I cycled through several strange, mismatched jobs (including ticket-taker at a theater, and editor of a non-existent magazine), before finally taking a job as a copy editor at a technical press. While I was in college my poems were first published in a collection of work by young writers. Subsequently my poems and prose were published in various collections and anthologies. I live in the Butovo region to the south of the city along with my daughter (who is almost a year old), her father, and a cat. I love books, film, and every now and then getting carried away in a chess game.