TOP: Ekaterina Taratuta [[REPLACE IMAGE]]
BOTTOM: Taratuta's novel, One Hundred and One Minutes


Program Bio
October, 2007: University of Iowa International Writers Program and New York City
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Ekaterina Taratuta is a philosopher and prose writer. She was born in 1976 in Novosibirsk, one of the largest cities in Siberia. She graduated from Novosibirsk State University, first from the Department of Linguistics, and then from the Department of Philosophy. She has worked as an English teacher and a translator. She is currently a Professor of Philosophy at St. Petersburg State University, where she received her Doctorate in Philosophy. Taratuta writes fiction as well as academic prose and believes that literature and philosophy exist hand in hand. She also works as a freelance analytical columnist, and is regularly published in newspapers and both academic and non-academic journals. Taratuta’s Russian-language publications include the works of fiction One Hundred and One Minutes (Sto i odna minuta), published in 2007, The General Hygiene of Dr. Andreas (forthcoming), Fishes and Frogs (forthcoming), and an academic text titled A Philosophy of Virtual Reality, released in 2007.