Fedor Svarovskiy


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April-May 2011: Penn University and New York City
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Fedor Svarovskiy was born in Moscow in 1971. He emigrated to Denmark in 1990 at the age of 19, but returned to Moscow in 1997. Svarovskiy is a journalist who has worked for the Russian television channels ORT and NTV as well as print media, including the Vedomosti newspaper (a joint project of the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times). His poems have been published in the journals Kreschyatik, Vozdukh, Noviy Mir, SHO and the Russian Esquire, as well as many online publications. Svarovskiy’s first book of poetry Everyone Wants to Be a Robot (Vse khotyat byt’ robotami, 2007) received the Moskovskiy Schyot prize and was short-listed for the Andrei Bely prize. He was short-listed for the Andrei Bely prize again in 2009 for his poetry collection Time Travellers (Puteshestvenniki vo vremeni). Svarovskiy’s poetry has been translated into English, Bulgarian, Danish, Polish, Slovenian and Ukranian. In 2008, he advanced the “New Epic” manifesto, the aim of which is to establish a new literary movement that redefines the relationship between the literary text and the author’s voice.