Ksenia Shcherbino


Program Bio
April-May 2011: Penn University and New York City
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Ksenia Shcherbino is a poet and prose writer. She studied translation at the Moscow State Linguistic University and received her MA from the Institute of European Policy at the European Council in Paris. Long-listed for the Debut literary prize in 2002 and 2003, her writing has been published in Babylon, Znamya, Noviy Mir and Vozdukh, as well as the collections Anatomy of an Angel (Anatomiya angela), Cradle of Brotherhood (Bratskaya kolybel) and others. She describes her poetry as “myth-making, myth-poetry, combining storytelling elements from fairy-tale traditions and the culture of technology; purposeful grammatical distortion to achieve the “purity” of children's speech; building a new cultural code that allows to unfold a person’s cultural background into a collection of stories, like a kaleidoscope.” Shcherbino works for the Kultura television channel, which is dedicated to arts and culture, and has translated several books on cultural studies. She is also a visual artist who has had several solo exhibitions in Paris and Moscow.