Natalia Sannikova


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April-May 2010: UNC-Chapel Hill and PEN World Voices, New York
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Natalia Sannikova, born in 1969, is a poet and journalist from the Sverdlovsk region of Russia. In her own words, she “started writing poetry as soon as I learned the alphabet – my mom told me to.” Her work began appearing in major Russian literary journals and anthologies in 2001, and she published her first book of poetry, Intermezzo, in 2003. Sannikova has appeared at several poetry symposiums and festivals, most recently the SlovoNova festival in Perm in 2009. She was one of the creators of the LiteratuRRentgen prize for Russian writers living outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg, and continues to serve as a nominator for the prize.  She is also involved in organizing the festival of the same name in Ekaterinburg, where the prize is awarded. For the past few years, Sannikova has also been on the jury of the municipal poetry competition in her home town, and involved in other projects to advance the work of talented writers in the region.