Andrei Rodionov presents his work to special guests at the National Endownment for the Arts in Washington DC.


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September 2007: UNC-Chapel Hill and Washington DC
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Andrei Rodionov is a poet. In his own words:

I was born in Moscow. My childhood and youth were spent in Mytischi [a notoriously rough suburb of Moscow]. That experience shaped the character of my creative work: the suburbs – with their uncertainty, alcoholism, anger, and humanity – the excesses and emotions of the locals. Nine- and five-story concrete apartment buildings ad nauseam, and gangs of drunken youths. I graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute with a degree in Book Science and Literary Merchandising and worked in a bookstore for a year and a half. Since 1993, I have worked in the Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Musical Academic Theater as a set designer and textile colorist for costumes and sets. I was first published in 2001. I am married, with three children – all boys. Religion is of little interest to me but basically, I am Russian Orthodox. I work as a journalist and columnist for the journal Krokodil (Crocodile).

Rodionov is the author of two books of poetry, Welcome to Moscow (Dobro pozhalovat v Moskvu), published in 2003, and Dumplings Oysters (Pelmeni ustritsi), in 2004. He is also author to numerous publications in Russia’s leading literary journals. He frequently presents his work in public readings. In 2002, he was the winner of the Russian Slam competition.

Rodionov’s work is included in the Anthology of Contemporary Russian Poetry, released in the United States in 2008.


Andrei Rodionov at the SlovoNova poetry festival (Perm, Russia) - December 2009. from chto delat on Vimeo.