Kseniya Marennikova


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September 2006: UNC-Chapel Hill and New York
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Kseniya Marennikova is a poet. Born in Kaliningrad, a town in the west of Russia, she is a graduate of the Moscow Aviation Institute’s Department of Financial Management. She currently lives in Moscow and works in the field of public relations. She regularly takes part in public readings at Moscow’s literary clubs.

From 2002-2004, she was published in several Russian poetry anthologies. In 2004, she was short-listed for the “Debut” award, one of Russia’s top prizes for young writers. She participated in the development of Nine Dimensions, an anthology of modern Russian poetry published in 2004, and the almanac collection Babylon X in 2003. In 2004-2005, she was one of the organizers of the “Young Poets Festival” held in Moscow under the auspices of the World Poetry Day.

In her own words: My poems appeal to the younger generation of readers and writers. The effort to capture the spirit of our time is, possibly, the most important aspect of my poetry. My texts became popular because of the Internet and the shift in the readers’ relationship with literature which is closely connected with the “new language” of the world-wide web. My texts are emotionally frank and pointed, and are more reminiscent of e-mail correspondence or Live Journal messages. In my poetry, I often experiment with language, use slang and explore lesbian themes.

Marennikova’s new book, Received Files, was published in 2005. Her work was translated into English and featured in The Anthology of Contemporary Russian Women Poets (University of Iowa Press, 2005).