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April 2006: University of Mississippi Oxford and The PEN American Center, New York
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Stanislav Lvovsky was born in 1972 and graduated from the Chemistry Department of Moscow State University. After obtaining his degree, he moved into advertising, where he soon began publishing articles on literature and movies.

Lvovsky published a poetry collection, White Noise (Beliy shum), in 1996, a collection of short stories, A Word on Flowers and Dogs (Slovo o tsvetakh i sobakakh), in 2003, a mixed collection of poetry, translations and prose poetry, Three Months of the Year 2 (Tri mesyatsa vtorovo goda), in 2003, a poetry collection, Poems about the Motherland (Stikhi o Rodinye), in 2004, and a novel, Half of the Sky (Polovina neba) (in co-authorship with Linor Goralik in 2004). He is also the author of a number of translations from English (Vytautas Pliura, Charles Bukovsky, Leonard Cohen, Diane Thiel and others), both published and unpublished.

Lvovsky is well known through regular appearances in periodicals and several Internet publications. He has received numerous literary honors, including the award for best new poetry of the year at the 2003 Moskovskii Schyot. His poetry has been translated into and published in English, French, Chinese, Italian and Georgian. Lvovsky is a Brodsky Foundation Fellow.