Dmitry Kuzmin


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September-October 2004: University of Iowa International Writers Program and The PEN American Center, New York
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Dmitriy Kuzmin is a poet, critic, translator, and publisher. He is author of several compilations of poetry, numerous literary articles. His style is an example of contemporary Russian lyrical poetry reflecting on the subtle movements of the human psyche. Kuzmin is founder of the independent union of young writers in Russia, "Vavilon", and publisher of the country's only magazine of gay writing, RISK.

Winner of several literary awards, his poems were included in the anthologies Out of the Blue: The Hidden Russian Gay Literature (Gay Sunshine Press), and Crossing Centuries: The New Generation of Russian Poetry (Talisman House).

Kuzmin is the literary manager and founder of the well-known "ARGO" poetry project, and a 2002 winner of the prestigious Andrei Beliy Prize for literary achievement. He is also the founder of the highly-regarded literary journal Vozdukh (Fresh Air), which is committed to mapping trends in contemporary Russian writing by living poets from across Russia and around the world.

Career Updates

  • Kuzmin recently launched a new website, A New Literary Map of Russia (in Russian), which seeks to create a systematically curated online snapshot of contemporary Russian poetry by region, and an online forum for writers from all corners of the Russian Federation.

  • Links:
  • Visit his personal page on (in Russian).
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