Gennady Kanevsky


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September 2008: Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Washington DC
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Gennady Kanevsky is a poet. He was born in Moscow in 1965, and graduated from the Moscow Institute of Radio-engineering Electronics and Animation as a medical electronics engineer. He has worked as an engineer, an electronics salesman, a brand manager, and, today, as the editor of the trade journal Novosti Elektroniki (Electronics News). He began writing poetry during his student years, first publishing his work in online literary forums. Kanevsky’s poetry is nothing if not eclectic.

He writes, "initially having struck out from traditional poetry, I did not hold myself back from the boon of the poetic avant garde. With a widening poetic eye, my favored motif is 'ironic ecstasy.'"

Kanevsky's work often employs mythology of the Soviet epoch, "alternative history," and cultural references. He also presents a number of poems, written in a rhythmic manner, similar to rap, at popular poetry slams, often in collaboration with poet and Open World alumna Anna Russ.

Kanevsky’s poetry has been published in Russian literary magazines Znamia (The Banner), Oktyabr (October), and Volga—21st Century, as well as in New Land (Denmark) and SHO (Ukraine). He is the author of three books of poetry: Provincial Latin (Provintsialnaya Latyn), published in 2000, The World Through Brail (Mir po Brailu), in 2004, and As if it was (Kak yesli by), in 2006. His work is included in the collected volumes Other Possibilities (Drugiye Vozmozhnosti), published in 2004, and Abzatz, in 2007. His fourth book, has just gone to print.

Kanevsky is a regular participant in Russian literary festivals, and a contributor to the internet radio channel Kanevsky and collaborator Anna Russ were award recipients at the 2007 “Big Slam” competition. His poems have been translated into English and Swedish; the English translations are included in the volume An Anthology of Contemporary Russian Poetry , published in 2008.