Viktor Ivaniv


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April-May 2011: Penn University and New York City
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Viktor Ivaniv was born in 1977 in Novosibirsk. He is the author of two books of prose: Vinograd City (Gorod Vinograd, 2003) and The Uprising of Daydreams (Vosstaniye gryoz, 2009), as well the collection of poetry The Glass Man and the Green Record (Steklyanniy chelovek i zelenaya plastinka, 2006). His writing has been published in Deti Ra, Vozdukh, Sibirskiye Ogni, as well as a number of other journals and anthologies, and short-listed for the Debut Prize (poetry category) in 2002 and the Andrei Bely Prize (prose category) in 2009. Russian writer and critic Danila Davidov says of Ivaniv, “His poetry reminds me of the wind, which has been furled to the limit and turned into a coil spring, and is about to tear free from the structure imposed upon it. The magician–that is, the author–endeavors to constantly keep this wind in its place, his efforts are strenuous but invisible to the eye, carried out elegantly and at the same time firmly.” Ivaniv lives and works in Novosibirsk.