Yulia Idlis


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September 2005: UNC-Chapel Hill and New York
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Yulia Idlis is a poet, author of essays, and literary critic. She was born in 1981 in Kaliningrad, a town by the Baltic Sea which became a beautiful childhood memory, a place where anything could happen. The sea and, more broadly, water remains one of her favourite themes in literature.

Idlis graduated from Department of Philology of Moscow State University. Currently, she is continuing her education there, completing a Ph.D. in Modern English Literature. Idlis works as a cultural journalist for “,” an on-line news and information source, and is the author of two books of poetry, Fairytales for…, published in 2003, and Wind, Water in 2005. She is also author to many essays, published in various online and print editions.

Idlis has participated in many literary festivals and poetry readings in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kaliningrad. She was the winner of the “Debut” prize, one of Russia’s top literary competitions for young authors, in the category “Criticism and Essays” in 2004 and was short-listed in the Poetry category in 2002.

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