Yuly Gugolev
(Photo by Konstantin Rubakhin)


Program Bio
September 2005: UNC-Chapel Hill and New York
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Yuly Gugolev is a poet and literary translator. Born in 1964, he currently lives in Moscow. In the 1980s and ‘90s he was a member of the famous Moscow Poetry Club. His work has appeared in many Russian periodicals and poetry anthologies. He also has several collections of poetry to his name and is currently a coordinator for the Moscow Literary Club. Until recently he was employed as an emergency medical worker and worked for the NTV channel. He now works for the Moscow branch of the International Red Cross.

English translations of Gugolev's poetry can be found in the definitive anthology Crossing Centuries: The New Generation in Russian Poetry (Talisman Publishers, 2000), and Interpoezia, an intercultural magazine for poetry and arts (2005). He has produced an impressive body of poetry translations from English, including works by Seamus Heaney, Blake Morrison, John Burnside, and Tom Paulin.