Andrey Grishaev


Program Bio
October-November 2008: University of Iowa International Writing Program and New York City
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Andrey Grishaev was born in Leningrad in 1978.  He studied computer engineering in college, and also discovered poetry, joining the literary society “Young Petersburg.  He moved to Moscow to pursue a graduate degree in literature, and there, met his future wife, a prose writer.  His first book of poems, Bumblebee, was published in 2006.  Grishaev is an active participant in Russian literary festivals, and is currently preparing his second book of poems for publication.  He has also published poetry in magazines, including Noviy Mir.  He lives in Saint Petersburg, where he works as a desk-clerk for an insurance company.  Leonid Kostyukov, poet and editor, writes of his work, “Grishaev’s poetic language differs dramatically from most of his contemporaries…and is very close to his favorite poet Georgii Ivanov.  His poetry offers that unique blend of strength and tenderness that is intrinsic to men...”