Dina Gatina


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September 2008: Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Washington DC
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Dina Gatina is a poet, prose writer, and graphic artist. She is the author of a book of poetry, On the Mound (Po Kochkam), published in 2005. Her poems have been translated into French, Italian and Ukrainian.

She writes:

I was born in the city of Engels, and studied graphic design at the Bogolobova Saratov Arts College, and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow. I would have liked to become a painter, enter a monastery, or rescue endangered species but unfortunately, none of these options worked out, and now they no longer make sense. Then, unexpectedly in 2001, I made the poetry shortlist for The Debut Prize, a national literary award, and in the following year I won the short prose category for my collections of short stories, Attractions (Attraktsiony) and The Hot Countries (Zharkiye strany). Since then I have regularly published in various journals, and my presentation style made me a popular guest at international and local literary festivals. . I became one of the curators of a Spoken Word Festival that has taken place for two year during the Moscow Poetry Biennial.

If words for me are one of the forms of life on the planet, then drawing is my favorite non-living thing. At present, I simply draw, and pile up drawings in a big plastic folder, sometimes doing illustrations for magazines or friends’ events. My graphic works have been shown in a group exhibition of young artists at the international artists’ market “ArtMoscow” and in a not-very-large private gallery in France.


Dina Gatina reads at the Kanonerskiy Island Poetry Festival (St. Petersburg) - July 25, 2009. Part 1. from chto delat on Vimeo.

Dina Gatina reads at the Kanonerskiy Island Poetry Festival (St. Petersburg) - July 25, 2009. Part 2. from chto delat on Vimeo.