Dmitri Danilov


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April 2008: Oxford, Mississippi and New York
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Dmitri Danilov is a poet and journalist. He is the author of the novel Black and Green, (Chyorniy i zelyoniy), released in 2004, and House Ten, (Dom desyat'), released in 2006. Danilov is also author to numerous publications in literary magazines and online communities.

He describes himself in these words:

I was born in 1969, a native Muscovite. After finishing school, where I studied French, I served in the Soviet Army, stationed in Germany in the late 1980s. In the early 1990s, I found work as an analyst for the Department of Internal Politics at the Mexican Embassy in Moscow. From 1994 on, I worked as an editor and journalist for publications and printing houses of various distinctions. A lot of this work was with corporate presses, including a foray as editor-in-chief of the SibNEFT corporate press [a Russian oil giant], and a stint editing print materials for a regional international airport. Then, for a few years, I couldn’t find work as a journalist, and, with an empty wallet, went to work as a door-to-door salesman, spending my days on long adventures through the outlying Moscow suburbs. This odd experience became the impetus for my novel Black and Green. Currently, I am employed at the Moscow-based Russkaya Zhizn magazine, where I write two regular columns. I live in a newly-constructed neighborhood in the outer reaches of Moscow with my wife and son.

I began to write when I was 20 years old, and was heavily influenced by the Russian Absurdist prose-writer Daniil Kharms; soon I moved on to idolizing Dobychin and Mamleev (Dobychin remains my favorite author to this day). When I was 24, I was sincerely swept away by my passion for Yoga and Hinduism, and, as a result put my writing on hold for eight years. Eventually I abandoned my eastern spiritual practices, returning to the bosom of the Russian Orthodox Church, and, so, renewing my interest in writing.