Alan Cherchesov


Program Bio
October-November 2008: University of Iowa International Writing Program and New York City
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Alan Cherchesov was born in 1962 in the city of Vladikavkaz, capital of the republic of North Ossetia.  His father Georgii Cherchesov was a well-known writer.  Alan Cherchesov has published numerous short stories, and novels Requiem for Living (1994; and, in English, Northwestern University Press, 2005), Wreath for the Grave of the Wind (2000), and Villa Belle-Lettre (2005). He is currently working on his fourth novel Don Ivan. He translated the Russian edition of Joseph Wamberg’s 1971 novel The New Centurions, first released in Russia in 1992. Cherchesov holds advanced degrees from Moscow State University and is the president of the Institute of Civilization, a private University in Vladikavkaz.  His scholarly articles have been widely published, in Russian and French, Flemish, and German. He has received numerous literary awards, and was a finalist for the 2006 Russian Booker Award.  The International Poetry Festival in Berlin noted that Cherchesov, who writes in Russian, “achieves with his work a complicated balancing act as he is on the one hand an Ossetian writer who stands for Ossetian cultural identity and on the other hand he is celebrated in the Moscow feuilletons as a Russian author.”