Vasily Chepelev


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April 2008: Oxford, Mississippi and New York
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Vasily Chepelev was born in 1977 in Sverdlovsk. He is a poet, prose writer, and literary critic. Chepelev completed medical school in 2000 and worked as a pediatrician for five years, before taking a job as creative director of an advertising agency. He now works as executive director of the same agency in Yekaterinburg, where he lives.

Chepelev’s poetry, prose, and critical essays have been published in numerous Russian literary magazines and anthologies. In 2000, he was short-listed for the Debut prize and nominated for the Poetry Prize—both well-known literary awards in Russia— and also received recognition for the Best Poetry Publication of the Year from Ural literary magazine.

Chepelev is also an active member of a literary collective that organizes and hosts Russia’s most highly regarded literary festival outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg, the annual Lit-X-Ray contemporary poetry festival for young writers in Yekaterinburg. His newest book of poems, Sverdlovsk Love (Moscow, ARGO-RISK), was released in Russia in early 2008.