Anastasia Chekhovskaya


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March-April 2007: University of Mississippi Oxford and New York
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Anastasia Chekhovskaya is a writer and journalist. Born in 1981, she currently lives in Ulyanovsk, a town on the Volga River. She graduated from the Department of Philology of the Ulyanovsk State University. Chekhovskaya is the author of ironic and sentimental stories that deal with social issues and feature ordinary people. She is a recipient of Debut Award, one of Russia’s top literary competitions for young authors, for prose (2003) and film novella (2005). She is also a script writer for soap operas and writes for regional and federal newspapers, and magazines covering youth issues, education and culture.

Currently a post-graduate majoring in journalism, Chekhovskaya lectures at the Ulyanovsk State University and is involved in public work. She heads the Youth Literary Club and is an active member of the International Children Fund.