Ekaterina Boyarskikh


Program Bio
September 2009: University of Iowa International Writers Program and New York City
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Ekaterina Boyarskikh is a poet, prose-writer, and scholar. She was born in 1975 in Irkutsk. Currently, she is a research fellow at the Russian Language and Literature Department of Irkutsk State University. She is the author of one book of poetry, Dagaz (OGI Press, 2005). Her work has appeared in journals, collections, and anthologies, and she has contributed to numerous online literary publications. She was awarded the Debut Prize for Poetry in 2000. Boyarskikh is an author of poems, short prose, children’s poetry and fairytales, and a translator of poetry. Her writing has been translated into English, French, and Ukrainian. She is a nominator and jury member for the LiteratuRRentgen Prize, for which she recommends and considers the work of young poets under 25 living outside of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Boyarskikh’s poetry is included in An Anthology of Contemporary Russian Women Poets (University of Iowa Press, 2005).


  • Ekaterina Boyarskikh reads at the 2010 LiteratuRRentgen festival in Ekaterinburg, November, 2010.