Irina Volkova


Program Bio
September 2010: Telluride Film Festival (Telluride, CO) and New York City
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Irina Volkova was born and grew up in the far north of Russia, on the Taymyr Peninsula. She studied philology and journalism in Siberia and then filmmaking at the Higher Courses of Screenwriting and Directing in Moscow. Irina has directed one theatrical production, an animated short, and several documentary and narrative films, including the documentary My Kieslowski (2005), a Russian-Polish co-production. She currently lives in Moscow and is shooting novellas for the feature-length project Dialogues. Her latest short film, Seagulls, is based on a screenplay by a young writer from Belarus. Reminiscent of the work of J.D. Salinger, it tells the story of two young newlyweds about to step over the threshold into adulthood. Faced with the prospect of a life that is cruel, indifferent, and holds little promise for the future, they invent their own world where they can live out their dreams.