Natasha Uglitskikh


Program Bio
August-September 2008: Telluride, Colorado and New York
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Natalia Uglitskikh, a film director, was born near Odessa, in Ukraine. Before entering her career in film, she worked as a director for puppet theater, television advertisements, documentaries, and children’s programs. Her television series for children have won numerous awards, including the Grand Prize at the 2004 United Ukraine Festival for the program Kurchatko.

Uglitskikh received her degree in Directing for Film and Television from the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts in 1998. She moved to Moscow in 2000, where she lives today, having been granted Russian citizenship in 2006. She has worked as an executive producer and assistant director on numerous projects. She has also directed numerous commercial projects and earned a masters degree in film direction. Her two short independent films, Tag, (Pyatnashki), and Scooter, (Samokat), were made as student projects in 2008. Tag has gone on to win awards at three Russian film festivals, and was screened in New York in 2008 as part of Uglitskikh’s participation in the Open World Leaders Program.

Career Updates:

  • Tag recently won the award for Best Short Film at the 2009 Boulder International Film Festival.
  • Tag's screening at the Telluride Film Festival was praised here.

  • Links:
  • Watch Natalia Uglitskikh's films online (in Russian)