Antonina Udalova


Program Bio
October-November 2005: New York and the Athens Film Festival, Athens, Ohio
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Antonina Udalova is a film expert, born in St. Petersburg. She received a degree in law from the Marine Technical University in St. Petersburg. She also studied Television Journalism at St. Petersburg University of Film and Television. Since 1999, she has worked in management of the International Film Festival “Message to Man” in St. Petersburg, having grown from assistant coordinator to head coordinator of the festival. In addition to handling all managerial aspects of the festival, she also takes part in the process of selecting films, participates in conferences devoted to documentary film issues, and compiles documentary film programs for partners of “Message to Man.” She has also worked as an assistant director at the St. Petersburg Studio for Documentary Films, as well as in the fields of graphic design, flash-animation, website design, and interactive presentations. She has experience producing commercials for television, film presentations, and non-profit cultural projects.