TOP: Ekaterina Telegina
BOTTOM: Film still from The Gust of Wind


Program Bio
January-February 2010: Sundance Film Festival and New York City
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Ekaterina Telegina was born in Omsk in 1983. Her undergraduate studies were focused on design, photography and the history of cinema.  In 2003 Telegina moved to Moscow, where she received degrees from the Internews Independent School of Cinema and Television and the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK).  Prior to enrolling at VGIK, she worked as a photographer, and during her studies she contributed to various film and theater projects as first assistant director and editor. Telegina has directed fashion shows, music videos, public service advertisements and presentation films. Her short film The Gust of Wind (2009) received the people’s choice award at the ARTkino Russian Festival of Art Films, and was included in the programs of the Interfest 25th International Short Film Festival (Berlin) and the Russian Film Festival in London.