Olga Stefanova


Program Bio
June-July 2008: Robert Flaherty Film Seminar in Hamilton, NY, and New York City
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Olga Stefanova was born in 1981 in Moscow. In 2002 she graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in Journalism. Beginning in her first year of college, Stefanova worked as a correspondent in radio and print, and as a writer and editor for television (ORT, TV-6, RTR). In 2006, she graduated from the prestigious Gerasimov All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), with a degree in Film Direction. Currently Stefanova works as a film director, and is the founder and president of the Gamayun Film Studio. Her films have been shown at both Russian and international film festivals. Stefanova also directs film projects that are produced by the other film studios. Currently she is editing her newest documentary film, which she shot on site at the planet’s hottest volcano, Kudriavy, in the Kuril Islands in the Russian Far East.

Career Updates

  • Stefanova was a contestent in the 2008 Artdokfest Film Festival in Moscow.

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