Valeriy Sevostyanov


Program Bio
April and May 2007: New York and the Athens Film Festival, Athens, Ohio
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Valeriy Sevostyanov was born in 1973 in St. Petersburg. He graduated from the History Department of the Russian State Pedagogical University. Before turning to film, Sevostyanov worked as an interpreter and tourism manager. He started his career as a film curator in 2000, when in partnership with cultural institutions in Germany, France and Japan, he organized several screenings of films by Murnau, Ozu, Fassbinder and others.

In 2002-2003 Sevostyanov helped found an independent non-profit organization, the St. Petersburg Film Museum, aimed at transforming the role of film screenings in the cultural landscape of the city. His work covers a broad range, focused on both well-known and young filmmakers, short and full length films, documentaries, experimental films, and animation. Currently the organization manages dozens of projects, from annual New Italian Cinema events to screenings of films made in the beginning of the 20th century, shown at the original speed and accompanied by live music. The museum was given awards by the Petersburg Film Press Association