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October-November 2005: New York and the Athens Film Festival, Athens, Ohio
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Ivan Golovnev was born in 1978 in Omsk, a city in southwest Siberia. His father is a scholar of history, ethnography, and anthropology who teaches at universities around the world, including in the United States. His mother is a history teacher. As a child, he took part in ethnographic and anthropological expeditions in northwestern Siberia. He graduated from music school with a degree in Piano Performance. In 2000, Golovnev graduated from the History Department of the Omsk State University, where he majored in Ethnography. His thesis was dedicated to the subject of Visual Anthropology. From 2000-2002 he took classes at the School of Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg) Film Studio. In addition to studying theory, he worked as an assistant director during the filming of documentary and feature films. He also found work as a director at the local TV station. In 2002, Golovnev entered a Graduate Program for Screenwriters and Directors in Moscow. He directed the documentary television series The Time of Myths about the traditional culture of the Khanty and the Mansi, two indigenous peoples of Russia’s northwest Siberia. In 2004, he completed his first documentary film, Tiny Katerina, which chronicles three years from the life of a small Khanty girl and her family who exist in harmony with nature and follow the rites of their traditional culture until the oil industry disrupts interferes. The film received awards at several international festivals. Currently, Golovnev is completing a short feature film on a similar subject. He is also working on a documentary on representatives of different denominations in Siberia.

Career Updates

  • In 2006 his film Malenkaya Katerina (Little Katerina), received the Jury Prize at the “Black Maria” Festival in New York and the Bronze Prize at the Eco Etno Folk Film Festival in Slatioara, Romania [more info]
  • In June of 2007, the film was broadcast on Russian national television, on the Kultura channel.

  • Links
  • Golovnev's biography on the Russian Anthropological Film Festival Page.
  • Watch his film “Old Man Peter” online. The film won Best Documentary Film at the 2008 Tehran International Film Festival and Best Internaitonal Documentary at the 2008 Cortopotere Short Film Festival. Read about the film here.