TOP: Shota Gamisoniya
BOTTOM: A film still from Field, Clowns, Apple


Program Bio
September 2009: Telluride Film Festival, Boulder, Colorado, and New York City
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Shota Gamisoniya is an actor and filmmaker living in Moscow.  He was born in 1981 in Sukhumi, a city on the coast of the Black Sea in a politically volatile region of Georgia.  He has lived in Moscow since 1993.  His first academic pursuit was acting: he graduated from the Vakhtangov Theatre Institute in 2003, and went on to work for two years with Yuri Lubimov’s Taganka Theater.  In 2007 he began a Master’s degree in Filmmaking, graduating in 2008 with his short film Field, Clowns, Apple (2008) as a final project. The film received the Film Critic’s Guild Award at the Moscow Festival of Debut Films, and was an official selection at numerous European festivals including Rotterdam, Trieste, and Bolzano. He is currently at work on his next film, with production beginning in August of 2009.