Claudia Chupina


Program Bio
June 2009: The Robert Flaherty Film Seminar in Hamilton, NY and New York City
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Claudia Chupina was born in Yugorsk, a city in Western Siberia.  She earned a degree in translation and interpreting at the Perm State Technical University, graduating with honors.  Following her studies, she became the manager of translation at the Flahertiyana International Festival of Documentary Film in Perm, and has since become the Working Manager of the festival, taking part in all aspects of organizing and producing three Flahertiyanas, as well as “Echo” festivals in cities around Russia and Europe.  She is also an active contributing organizer of the “Perm Cinemateque” project, for which she curates and produces a series of award-winning films from festivals around Russia.  She continues to work translating titles for documentary, narrative, and animated films.