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A still from Bosenko's film, Wait


Program Bio
October-November 2005: New York and the Athens Film Festival, Athens, Ohio
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Sergey Bosenko is a filmmaker. He was born in 1967 in a small village near Odessa, Ukraine into the family of a school teacher. Looking for adventure, he moved to Siberia right after finishing school and became a student at the Zoo-Engineering Department of Novosibirsk Agricultural University. However, in the middle of his studies a military draft was instituted for students. He was drafted and spent two years in the Kyrgyz Republic and Kazakhstan. Upon his return to civilian life in 1988, Bosenko tried to continue with his studies but no longer felt any interest towards his original major. In 1990, he left the university and began some years of soul searching. He moved to Moscow, tried his hand in business, and through friends, met a group of filmmakers. It was at this time that he got the job of assistant director for the film Poltergeist – 90 (1991).

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Bosenko adopted Russian citizenship; although his mother and sister remained in the Ukraine. In 1993, he enrolled in the Russian State University of Film’s Department of Documentary Films and successfully completed his course of studies with his first documentary. The following two years were very challenging. As a young and inexperienced filmmaker he was unable to find work. In 2000, he took part in a scriptwriting competition devoted to the subject of Chechnya and won. Chechen Gambit, his first professional film, brought him many domestic and international awards. During the past five years, he has continued to win state grants for working on films and has done a lot of work for television. His favorite film topics include Chechnya, sports, and children. This year, Bosenko finished a short feature film about a six-year-old Muslim boy who comes to Moscow. All his films are done in cooperation with his wife, Irina Semashko.

Career Update

  • Bosenko was awarded a Diploma of Honor at the Moscow Dom Kino 11th International Film Festival in December, 2005, for his documentary film Nesovershennoletniaya Voyna (The Underage War). Read about it here