TOP: Aleksei Barykin
BOTTOM: Film still from The Song You Do Not Hear


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June 2009: The Robert Flaherty Film Seminar in Hamilton, NY and New York City
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Aleksei Barykin is a director and producer for film and television.  He was born in Kazan in 1980.  While still a student, studying Mathematics and Physics at Kazan State University, he began working part time directing and producing a weekly TV show, “Computer News.”  After graduating, he was hired to oversee corporate programming for the Russian satellite broadcast channel TNV.  He went on to produce and direct five television series in five years, winning a national award for “Best Corporate Television Project.”  In 2004, he founded a production company, Griffion Studios, where he produced, wrote, and directed a twelve-part narrative series and television hit, Love on the Job (2005). In 2006, he made a feature-length musical fairytale on commission for TNV.  He studied film directing at the Aleksandr Mitta Studio School in Moscow, and was named Artistic Director of OAO, one of the oldest film studios in Russia, based in Kazan.  In 2008, he shot three documentary films with support from the Russian Ministry of Culture. Barykin has shot over 40 documentary film projects for corporate clients.