Olga Zimina


Program Bio
June-July 2009: American Dance Festival in Duhram, NC, and New York City
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Olga Zimina, born and raised in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, has been in love with choreography from an early age.  She began studying dance in 1994, building a foundation in classical, jazz, and modern dance.  Now, she practices contemporary dance, improvisation, and contact improve.  She is a member of Elena Slobodchikova’s dance company.  She teaches contemporary dance to children at the Center of Contemporary Dance, and holds a degree in Dance Therapy.  Zimina has performed in numerous productions, including a newly commissioned piece by Jason and Lindsey Dietz Marchant which premieres this May at the 2009 Isadora Dance Festival in Krasnoyarsk, and a piece by Janis Brenner at the 2008 incarnation of the same festival.  She has also performed with Darya Buzovkina, Olga Pona, and Nejla Yatkin.  She loves yoga, travel, making new discoveries, and talking with interesting people.