Andrey Zakharov


Program Bio
June-July 2008: The American Dance Festival, Durham, NC, and New York City
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Andrey Zakharov is a dancer and choreographer from Yekaterinburg. Zakharov began to study dance at the age of 22, following his education in advanced mathematics. He stumbled upon modern dance as a style when it was offered at the Yekaterinburg Institute of Dance, where he was forming an experimental dance troupe. From 2000-2005 poured his energy into dance, all the while earning his living as a computer programmer. At the Yekaterinburg Institute of Dance, he danced in Olga Pautova's repertory production "Deliver me from time, date, place" and "Seven Brothers", and Pal Frenaka's “Spine to the Wall”. He also participated in a creative project with the group "Art-Fabrika" (2004-2006), and took part in a range of performance pieces and dance productions. In 2007, he founded his own dance theater project, "The Leg Reaction". The following year, he danced in a production of "Areal", a production of “Volnorez”, as well as several performances, and conducted improvisation laboratories. He worked with Tatyana Baganova’s Provincial Dances company, dancing in the 2007-2008 production “After Involvement. Diptych. Part II.” He regularly attends masterclasses at the Moscow summer dance institute “TSEKH”. Zakharov’s current work emphasizes improvisation, and he writes, “I am seeking my own approach to locating the self in movement. [In my compositions] I actively used the principles of free dance, the flow of corporeal consciousness and, additionally, “pseudo-speech”, i.e. improvised vocal sounds. The motion of performers, in that sense, exists in the expressionist soul on the border between psychology and dance.”