Top: Natalia Lisina performs in I and... at the Isadora Young Choreographers Festival, Krasnoyarsk, 2008. Bottom: Natalia in Carmen at the Isadora Young Choreographers Festival, Krasnoyarsk, 2008.


Program Bio
June-July 2010: American Dance Festival in Duhram, NC, and New York City
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Natalia Lisina
began dancing when she was 5. She created her first short dance theatre pieces “Night”, “Tango”, “Unknown About Known” and “A Small Problem” while studying choreography at the Kazan State Institute of Art and Culture. These pieces were then performed at contemporary dance festivals in Kazan and Krasnoyarsk. Natalia took part in the Tsekh summer dance school in Moscow, which gathers instructors from around the world, and also studied for two years in Finland. By invitation from Tsekh, she attended the 2009 New Baltic Dance Festival and participated in a residency at the Mains d’Oeuvres cultural center in Paris as part of the cross-European project “Factories of Imagination”. For Natalia, the most important element of dance is communication and the process of exchanging information via movement and dialogue.