Maria Kozeva


Program Bio
June-July 2008: The American Dance Festival in Durham, NC, and New York City
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Maria Kozeva was born in 1968 in Novosibirsk. She is a dancer, dance teacher, and choreographer. A graduate of the Chelyabinsk Academy of Arts, from 1996-1998 she danced as a member of the renowned Provincial Dances company. She has worked with the German choreographer Christine Brunel, as well as Joachim Schloemer (Germany), and Anouk van Dijk (Netherlands), who, after working with Kozeva in Yekaterinburg, invited her to spend six months preparing and performing his 2001 production “DIVA” in the Netherlands. In 2002, Kozeva returned to Yekatringburg, where she has since danced and taught at the Dance Theater of Yekaterinburg, under artistic director Oleg Petrov, and working extensively on collaborative projects with Hungarian choreographer Pal Frenak. Kozeva has taught at The School of Contemporary Dance in Yekaterinburg (1998-2001), The Humanitarian Institute Department of Contemporary Dance (2003), and other venues as a visiting instructor. Her choreography has been performed by the Yekaterinburg Dance Theater, the Yekaterinburg-based dance group “Kipling”, and the DialogDance Company in Kostroma She also choreographs works for various shorts for student performance and scenes for dramatic theater productions.