Konstantin Grouss


Program Bio
2007: The American Dance Festival in Durham, NC
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Konstantin Grouss was born in 1972. He took his first classes of classic and folk dance in a dance studio in Staraya Kupavna, a village in the Moscow region. After his graduation from a technical university, Grouss received his professional modern dance training at the Class of Expressive Body Movement by Gennady Abramov at the School of Dramatic Art in Moscow. In 2002, Grouss launched a dance project Theater ZERO but he did not limit his work to his own productions. He has performed in many Russian cities and abroad, as an actor, dancer and choreographer. Among other international projects, he participated in the Russian-American initiative Thresholds Crossed by choreographer Maida Withers and presented his work in Washington, DC. Currently, he is working on the production The Cage For The Air set to music by John Cage, and the dance films Under Impression … Still and The 21-st Floor.