Top: Leonid Glukhov, Russia, 2009

Bottom: Leonid Glukhov performs at Judson Memorial Church, New York, 2009. Photo by Macha Gharibian


Program Bio
June-July 2009: American Dance Festival in Duhram, NC, and New York City
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Leonid Glukhov was born in Fergana, Uzbekistan.  After the breakup of the Soviet Union, Glukhov and his family moved to the Russian Federation, where they settled in a small village called Dubrovka.  There, Glukhov completed high school, going on to study dance at the Novosibirsk Region College of Culture and the Arts.  Studying classical ballet, traditional folk dance, and contemporary choreography, Glukhov realized that he wanted to pursue contemporary dance and choreography professionally.  With a degree in Dance, Glukhov then pursued and received certification to teach choreography from the Novosibirsk State Teachers’ College, meanwhile, taking master classes with many renowned instructors from Russia and abroad.  Currently, he teaches contemporary dance at the College of Culture and the Arts, master classes at festivals around Russia, and professional development courses for emerging contemporary dance instructors.  Glukhov has also contributed to a variety of dance, video, and photography projects.