Top: Ksenia Belenkova performs in Everything in Roses (variations on <<REW), Achinsk, February 2010. Bottom: Ksenia in the performance In White, Novosibirsk, June 2006.


Program Bio
June-July 2010: American Dance Festival in Duhram, NC, and New York City
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Ksenia Belenkova
is an independent dance performer and choreographer in Tomsk, Russia. She studied dance at the Novosibirsk State University Arts Center and various international schools and festivals, and has trained in modern, contemporary, classical and jazz dance, release technique, contact improvisation and yoga. Over the past 5 years, Ksenia has taken part in a multitude of dance, theatre and performance projects in the role of director, choreographer and performer. She received first prize in the Theatre nomination at the Isadora International Dance Festival in Krasnoyarsk in 2010. Ksenia currently teaches movement for actors, contemporary dance and contact improvisation, and is one of the organizers of Immersion, a children’s dance project in Tomsk. She also collaborates with jazz and electronic musicians on a variety of music/dance projects.