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An Evaluation Of International Professional Development Programs For Arts Managers In Russia

During the past ten years a wide range of international organizations have been conducting programs to assist Russian cultural organizations adjust to the post-Soviet economy and new political and administrative structures. Although there is no doubt that these programs have been useful to Russian organizations in their efforts to create new mechanisms to survive in a market economy and develop new management practices, no substantive evaluation of their impact has been conducted until now. 

With the support of the Trust for Mutual Understanding, CEC commissioned the St. Petersburg Center for Independent Social Research to evaluate the effectiveness of international professional development programs for arts managers in Russia. 

The research and evaluation study was completed in 2005. A final report was distributed in 2006 to U.S. and Russian organizations working in the field of professional development and exchange for arts managers.

Report Available

If you would like to receive a copy of the "Culture and Transition" report, send an email to Please include your name, mailing address and email address.

Museum Education specialist Dorothea Basile at Children's Museum Education Conference in St. Petersburg (September 2005)

2005 Jubilee Fellows Julia Fokina, Maria Churilova, and Olga Perevezentseva participating in corporate fundraising workshop organized by CEC ArtsLink in New York (January 2005)