Open World Cultural Leaders Program
2003 - 2011: Across the US
The Open World Cultural Leaders Program enabled early to mid-career artists and arts managers from Russia to complete 2-3 week professional residencies at leading arts organizations across the United States.

Pravda Bar Film Series
Fall, 2008: New York, NY
CEC ArtsLink teams up with New York's Pravda Bar to host a series of free film screenings from our recent archive.

H2O: Nordic and Russian Art in Public Spaces
September, 2008: St. Petersburg, Russia
CEC ArtsLink presents Russia's first international exhibition of public art on the grounds of the Peter and Paul Fortress.


November 22, 2008: New York, NY
CEC ArtsLink joins Bonnie Sue Stein/GOH Productions to present a night of performances by international artists, spanning numerous genres of work.


Culture and Transition
2005: Across Russia
With support from the Trust for Mutual Understanding, CEC ArtsLink commissions a study to evaluate the effectiveness of international professional development programs for arts managers in post-Soviet Russia.

Winter, 2004-2005: New York, NY
CEC ArtsLink hosts a New York-based exhibition of the work of 34 artists from across Central Europe and the United States.


St. Petersburg 2003
1993-2003: St. Petersburg, Russia
CEC ArtsLink, over the period of ten years, establishes a campaign to help advise and fund collaborative Russian-American cultural projects in the areas of performing arts, visual arts, museums, libraries, and arts management.

American Committee for St. Petersburg 2003
1993-2003: St. Petersburg, Russia
To promote American involvement in St. Petersburg’s tercentenary, CEC creates Coalition USA-2003, a loose affiliation of organizations in the United States with an active interest in carrying out cultural projects linked to St. Petersburg.


Project go_HOME
September, 2001: New York, NY
CEC ArtsLink helps to host Danica Dakic and Sandra Sterle, two artists of different ethnic background from former Yugoslavia. The women spend four months living together in an experimental "open door" home, which served as a common meeting ground for discussions and artistic production.

Museum Partners
1997 - 2009: Across the United States and Russia
Beginning in 1997, CEC ArtsLink launches a series of projects aimed at building collaborative relationships between museums and libraries in the U.S. and Russia.