Art Prospect:
International Public Art Festival

Art Prospect is an annual event that brings contemporary art works from around the world to the city streets. Founded by CEC ArtsLink in 2012 in St. Petersburg, Russia in response to the local interest in pioneering art forms that reach the new audiences uninitiated in the contemporary art, the festival moves this year to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and Baku, Azerbaijan. Art Prospect sets out to transform familiar urban landscapes, filling the city’s streets, courtyards, parks, and other public spaces with temporary, site-specific art. Art Prospect is part of Global Art Lab.

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Art Prospect 2017
September 22 - 24, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan; September 20-30, Baku Azerbaijan
In 2017, the Art Prospect Festival takes place for the first time outside Russia. Starting in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, in collaboration with the Kyrgyz arts organization ArtEast, the International Public Art Festival Art Prospect – Bishkek: Green Zones New Breath opens on September 22nd at the Gareev Botanical Garden. Artists from Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, the United States, and Kyrgyzstan present twenty site specific art works. While a full-scale Art Prospect Festival grows its roots in one of the oldest Botanical Gardens of Central Asia, artists in Baku, Azerbaijan create works for a mini-festival Art Prospect: Urban Olum – Rethink, Redo, Revive organized by Pillə platform in collaboration with CEC ArtsLink. Seven artists from Azerbaijan, Moldova, and Belarus will create public art works that engage and respond to the needs of local residents in the outlying district of Bayil.

Art Prospect 2016
September 22 – 25
In 2016, with 'Dialogue' as its theme, the festival took place in St.-Petersburg’s Admiralteysky district. In addition to being historically rich, the ditstrict stands out for its social diversity: communities ranging from the elderly, students, and immigrants to wealthier families. Do these people know and interact with each other? How do their surroundings affect their relations with one another? These are questions addressed by artists from Russia, the USA, Poland, Switzerland, Norway, and Finland as they created interdisciplinary works.

Art Prospect 2015
September 17 – 20
In Art Prospect 2015's edition art groups and artists practiced participatory art through ‘Games’. What historical role do associations of artists in Russia and abroad play? How does contemporary art relate to the concept of the ‘collective’? And how can local communities with no connection to the world of art be involved in the process of creating a work of art? The festival set out to find points of contact between the collective and the artistic using play to rethink social and aesthetic interactions.

Art Prospect 2014
September 25 – 28
This year’s iteration of Art Prospect curated by U.S. public art expert Kendal Henry, explores how artists address global environmental issues through public participation and social engagement. The festival organizers seek to increase awareness and inspire action through work that deals with climate change, conservation, energy, resources, biodiversity as well as cultural diversity, language, and population.

Art Prospect 2013
September 12 – 15
The second Art Prospect showcased the original works of fifteen artists and art collectives from Russia, the Netherlands and the United States responding to the theme The Artist as Urban Gardener. Using various art forms, including collage, sculpture, video, and performance, the artists transformed Liteiny Prospect into an interactive space for creative dialogue with residents about the urban environment.

Art Prospect 2012
September 20 – 23
Co-curated by Ed Woodham of Art in Odd Places (New York), the first Art Prospect was unified by a theme of Model. Eighteen American and Russian artists and art collectives brought art into unconventional venues and to broad audiences, creating site-specific work in courtyards, shop windows and public parks along a bustling stretch of Liteiny Prospect in the city center.