Platform Art Prospect: Eurasia

Platform ART PROSPECT : Eurasia brings together arts organizations, artists, and curators from ten countries in Eurasia to challenge standard notions of public space, nationality and culture and showcase art as a tool for civic engagement.  This one-year pilot project supports the exchange of ideas and methods of bringing art into the urban environment while stimulating community engagement and promoting positive social change through network building, international public art festivals, residencies, workshops and seminars. 

Platform ART PROSPECT : Eurasia kicks off on February 11-14 in Tbilisi, Georgia with a network meeting of representatives from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.  In 2017 Platform ART PROSPECT will see the exchange of more than thirty Eurasian artists through its programs of artist residencies in ten countries culminating in an international public art festival. 

Planned Activities for 2017:

February 2017
Network and Planning Meeting for representatives of partner organizations in participating countries.

April – August 2017
Artist Residencies - Network partners will host two artists and/or curators from the region for 2-4 week residencies.

September – October 2017
Art Prospect Festival of public art with Eurasian and local artists organized by one network partner.

The project is an initiative of CEC ArtsLink, a nonprofit organization with offices in New York and St. Petersburg that promotes mutual beneficial international communication and understanding through collaborative, innovative arts projects.  We support and produce programs that encourage the exchange of visual and performing artists as well as cultural managers in the United States and 37 countries overseas.

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