Art Prospect Festival

Global Art Lab's 5th International Festival of Public Art
September 22-25, 2016, St. Petersburg, Russia

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ART PROSPECT is St. Petersburg’s largest annual festival of public art. Founded by the non-profit organization CEC ArtsLink in 2012, Art Prospect sets out to transform familiar urban landscapes, filling the city’s streets, courtyards, parks, and other public spaces with temporary, site-specific art. ART PROSPECT furthers the development of new forms of creative interaction, giving artists from Russia and abroad the opportunity to engage with local context, defining and reformulating its aesthetic, historical and cultural, and social components. Since the Festival’s inception in 2012 more than 150 artists from 20 countries all over the world have taken part in the festival and attracted more than 15 000 visitors.

This year’s ART PROSPECT will take place in St. Petersburg’s Admiralteysky district. The theme of the 2016 Festival is ‘Dialogue.’ The main venues for ART PROSPECT 2016 are the Yusupov Palace Gardens on the Moyka, Palma creative space, the Garden of the Akhmatova Museum, areas abutting Konnogvardeysky Boulevard, Griboedova embankment, Pochtamtskaya, Bolshaya and Malaya Morskaya streets. In past years the festival has been held in St. Petersburg’s Tsentralny, Petrogradsky, and Vyborgsky districts.

The Admiralteysky district is one of the oldest districts in the city. In addition to being historically rich, it stands out for its social diversity: communities ranging from the elderly, students, and immigrants to wealthier families. Do these people know and interact with each other? How do their surroundings affect their relations with one another? These are questions addressed by artists from Russia, the USA, Poland, Switzerland, Norway, and Finland as they create interdisciplinary works. We can expect original forms of dialogue and the emergence of a new local cartography. This year, visitors to the festival are invited to visit courtyards which are normally closed to the public, study the sounds of particular spaces, sketch the flight patterns of birds, get to know local residents and their favorite recipes, read Alexander Blok in Hebrew, Chinese, Bulgarian, and other languages, and hear lectures on the history of art on the city’s public transport system.

Participating artists will create unique works in a wide range of genres including temporary installations, interactive media projects, and performance. A public educational program is a central part of the festival with open lectures, master classes, round tables, and discussions aimed to facilitate dialogue between art and audience.

Information about the participants and the full program of the festival can be found at or via e-mail:

September 18-19 Participating artists will discuss different ways of interaction between public-art and the surrounding context.
September 22-25 Official opening of the festival; presentation of objects; performances.
September 24

Public Art and peculiarity of artists' work with local communities. Festival's participants unveil their work process - creation of an object, challenges of participatory projects, interaction with local residents, communication with the authorities, etc.

Stas Bags, Felipe Castelblanco, Nadezhda Chernyakevich, Collective Body of Mutual Listening, John Craig Freeman, Alexandra Gart, Ellen Harvey, Kendal Henry, Sasha Hubert and Petri Saarikko, Jörg Köppl, Vladimir Khakho, Egor Kraft, Anna Kurbatova and Irina Aksyonova, Lera Lerner, Andrey Lublinskiy, Ludicity — Sarah Barrell and Andrew Simpson , Alexander Morozov, Make, Semyon Motolyanets, Narvskayadostava (Nd), Pro Arte School of Young Artists, Veronika Rudyeva-Ryazantseva, Niklaus Rüegg, Nikita Seleznyov, Sever-7, Shatters, Alexander Shishkin-Khokusai, Anastasiya Skvortsova, Yuriy Shtapakov, Karianne Stensland Alyona Tereshko, Peter Haakan Thompson, Ernest Truly, Svetlana and Ivan Vorontsov-Velyaminov

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