Art Prospect Festival

Global Art Lab's 4th International Festival of Public Art
September 17-20, 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia

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ART PROSPECT 2015, the largest annual festival of public art in St. Petersburg, changes the familiar urban landscape and fills the streets and public spaces with works of contemporary art.

ART PROSPECT endeavors to mobilize the energies of Russian and international artists and local institutions and residents to make sense of what we customarily call 'public spaces', 'the culture of participation', and 'everyday city life'. It challenges established ideas about contemporary art and involves local residents in the creation of installations, objects, media projections, and performances. An important aspect of the festival is its educational program - seminars and masterclasses for art professionals, local communities, and the general public.

This year's theme is 'Games'. Most ART PROSPECT 2015 art groups and artists practice participatory art. The concept of play allows to investigate interaction as experience and practice, and confronts participants with interesting questions. What historical role do associations of artists in Russia and abroad play? How does contemporary art relate to the concept of the 'collective'? And how can local communities with no connection to the world of art be involved in the process of creating a work of art? The festival sets out to find points of contact between the collective and the artistic using play to rethink social and aesthetic interactions.

Installations, objects, and interactive media projects will be displayed at Yarky Hostel & Space, on the grounds of the State Academy of Forestry, and in the inner courtyards of the buildings 2 and 7 on Novosibirskaya Street. Special projects: a performance by the Italian art group Trial Version (as part of the Arts for the City program) and an exhibition by the art group Kollektivnye deystviya that will open at Galereya Lyuda in October 2015.

ART PROSPECT is co- organized by CEC ArtsLink and Yarky Hostel & Space and supported by St. Petersburg Culture Committee.

Information about the participants and the full program of the festival can be found at or via e-mail:

August - September A sociological study of the area. Socially oriented masterclasses for local residents.
September 10-18 A series of presentations and educational seminars on the role of public art in urban space.
September 17-20 Official opening of the festival; presentation of objects; performances.
October An exhibition by art group Kollektivnye Deystviya opens at Galereya Lyuda accompanied by an audio performance and a talk.

The following artists and art collectives from St. Petersburg and Izhevsk (Russia), Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Georgia, Italy, and the USA have been invited to participate: Bouillon Group , Cyland Media Art Lab, Elastic City, Flux Factory, Gorod Ustinov, Gruppa 705, Kendal Henry, Jess Hirsch, Kollektivnye Deystviya, Obiedenenie Parazit, Sever-7, Trial Version, and Tvorcheskaya Manifaktura PTKh.

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