CEC ArtsLink is pleased to announce the leading cultural institutions throughout the US to host the 2017 ArtsLink Fellows in performing arts and literature. This year’s ten participants in the ArtsLink Residencies program come from any of thirty-seven eligible countries.



Host: Kansas City Art Coalition, Kansas City, MO

Arts Manager — In her position as cultural manager at the Paintbrush Factory Federation in Cluj-Napoca, Bucea manages Hotspot.art, a multidisciplinary program of performance, exhibition, and educational activities. In addition, she is PR and Communication Coordinator for the Festival Temps d’Image in Cluj and she has also played key roles with the Romanian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale since 2013.  She has presented at, and participated in myriad cultural management and cultural policy activities throughout Europe. Bucea strongly believes that the arts are a useful means of mediating difference and is eager to observe and work with artists on community engaged projects during her residency.

Photo by Matija Ferlin

Host: Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures
Kansas University, Lawrence, KS

Artist — Ferčec is a novelist, playwright, and theater artist.  His performance text Letter to Heiner Müller premiered at Zagreb Youth Theatre in 2011 and was subsequently presented at La MaMa in 2012. His 2011 novel There Will Be No Miracles Here gained a place on that year’s ten best novels list compiled by the Croatian Ministry of Culture. He is currently writing a novel he describes as an ‘anti-biography’ of a working class woman in a small town. He has participated in residencies in Graz, Ljubljana, Skopje and in Codroipo in Italy and in workshops throughout Europe. During his ArtsLink residency he hopes to investigate the position of workers at this moment in history.


Host: 7 Stages Theater, Atlanta, GA

Artist — Haiko is the founder and Director of Kryly Khalopa Theatre and the director of KX Space in Brest. She recently premiered Chernobyl, a theatre piece documenting the history and social life of Belarus. She is a member of Magdalena, an international network of women in contemporary theatre. Her interests also include working with children, the disabled, and refugees. As both an artist and manager she is very interested in developing a deeper familiarity with management strategies of community engaged theatre in the US as well as current theater trends involving marginalized groups and new technologies.


Host: Seven Loaves / GOH Productions, New York, NY

Artist — As an actor and director, Kaca has worked closely with the National Theater of Tirana for the past ten years. In addition, his work brought him several times to Italy’s Astragali Teatro where he successfully melded poetics with physical theater in outdoor, non-traditional spaces. His work is multidisciplinary in approach and he takes inspiration from classic and contemporary texts and responds and corresponds with “social anthropological elements.” During his residency he would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with visual artists as well as theater practitioners. Website>>


Host: CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art, San Francisco, CA

Arts Manager — Lipšic is a curator, researcher, artist and producer based in Vilnius. She engages curatorial methods to investigate how history is constructed, the dichotomy of East-West, and other politically inflected subjects. In 2012-2016 Monika worked as a curator at the Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius. She currently works freelance: presenting projects at Contemporary Art Centre; Calvert Foundation in London; Nomas Foundation in Berlin; the Kunstverein in Amsterdam and more. During her residency Monika would like to gain deeper insight into the production of socially as well as historically engaged art practices.


Host: Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies
Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH

Arts Manager — Makarenko’s initiative, the Ilkhom RockFest has been a welcomed addition to the slate of activities offered by the internationally regarded Ilkhom Theatre of Mark Weil in Tashkent.  In addition to producing the festival, Makarenko is a musician and journalist who, in 2014, produced a textbook The Standards of Western Journalism for Arts Journalists which he then converted to an on-line resource. He hopes to gain familiarity with administration, fundraising, and the technical aspects of festival and music production in the US.


Host: Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA

Arts Manager — Ovchinnikov is the founder and Artistic Program Director of Zelyonka Fest Contemporary Dance Festival which began in 2010. He has participated in international arts management workshops and looks forward, during his ArtsLink Residency, to establishing professional connections with US artists and festival organizers while sharing the work of choreographers from Ukraine. As his festival is now incorporating visual arts into their performance program, Ovchinnikov is eager to observe multi-disciplinary projects.


Host:Yale School of Drama, New Haven, CT

Artist — A poet and translator, Szabó is a member of Jozsef Attila Circle - The Literary Association of Young Writers and is, since 2014, editor of Versum Online, an online journal of contemporary poetry focusing exclusively on poetry in translation. In 2015 he co-organized the Versum International Festival of Contemporary Poetry and his work has been presented at poetry events throughout Europe.  He is currently working on his third book of poetry which converses with North American poetic traditions. His literary interests include William Carlos Williams, Gertrude Stein and Francis Ponge. During his residency he anticipates meeting translators, peer poets, editors, and publishers while continuing his research and his own creative work.



Host: Cleveland Public Theatre, Cleveland, OH

Artist — Totiková is a theatre director, dramaturg, playwright, actress and teacher with extensive experience in theatre as well as television. Her work has been presented at festivals in Europe and Japan. In 2013 she directed the Slovak town of Košice’s opening ceremony for the European Capital of Culture – an event that included 500 artists. In addition to observing work and meeting other theatre practitioners during her residency Totiková hopes to work on projects that mesh with her interest in human rights and the difficulties faced by marginalized communities.


Host: Movement Research, New York, NY

Artist — A dancer, choreographer and lecturer, Yücel Pekiçten is currently working on her PhD in Dance from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul, where she was accepted after completing her BFA in Dance with honors at Yıldız Technical University and completing one semester at the Folkwang University in Essen, Germany. In 2012 she was included in the Springdance Festival Residency in Utrecht, Holland and in 2016 won first prize at the Gdansk Solo Dance Festival in Poland. In addition to developing her own solo piece and seeing new work she is keenly interested in broadening her experience of teaching movement both to professionals and non-dancers and would welcome the opportunity to engage with immigrant and women’s groups. Website>>