CEC ArtsLink is pleased to announce 2016 ArtsLink Fellows in visual and media arts. This year’s ten participants in the ArtsLink Residencies program come from any of thirty-seven eligible countries.


Host: Portland Institute for Contemporary Arts, Portland, OR

Arts Manager — Abdullayev is Executive Director at YARAT Contemporary Art Space, a non-profit arts organization in Baku. Founded in 2011 as a pioneering platform for contemporary art, YARAT focuses its mission on nurturing and enhancing understanding of contemporary arts in Azerbaijan. They produce popular on-going exhibitions, community interactions, educational programs and festivals. In March 2015 YARAT opened its own multi-disciplinary space which greatly enlarged their capacity for programming. As Executive Director, Abdullayev’s work is focused on exploration of new models of community engagement and new strategies of audience development. While in the US, Abdullayev would like to gain experience in strategic planning and public relations practice. He is also interested in the role arts administrators can play in animating public space.

Photo by Ivo Kuker

Host: Arizona State University Art Museum, Tempe, AZ

Artist — A sculptor, designer and performer, Baeva uses a combination of elements to lure audiences into participation. In her work The Last Benjamin audience members were invited to cycle on a simulated bicycle, perspiring in order to provide moisture to the Ficus benjamina displayed in a vitrine: thereby pointing up human impact on the environment. Her current interests explore processes of myth-making and social narration in an urban context. She is a founder of Runabout, a project that investigates commonalities between art forms through an ongoing series of cross-disciplinary, interactive performances. Baeva is also co-organizer of local dorkbot activities. During her residency in the US, Baeva looks forward to meeting with artists and students who share her interest in cross-disciplinary technological research and hopes to cultivate connections with US cultural organizations working in this area.


Host: Brandeis University
The Rose Art Museum, Program in Peacebuilding and the Arts, Waltham, MA

Arts Manager— In her capacity as Project Development and Fundraising Coordinator at Anadolu Kültür, a non-profit arts and cultural organization in Istanbul, Ertürk focuses on programs that use artistic production in visual arts and multi-media to bolster cultural diversity, and broaden cultural rights, participation and dialogue. Her current program, BAK: Revealing the City through Memory brings young people together around social issues to engage in creative, collective activities and together, pave a way for open discussion and mutual understanding. Ertürk looks forward to opportunities for sharing her experience with colleagues in the US and to observing diverse practices of civil engagement via the visual arts.


Host: University of Cincinnati
College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, Cincinnati, OH

Artist — In addition to working as a cartoonist, Gül combines her talent in drawing with a deep curiosity about biological processes and the forces that bind living things together. Developed through rigorous observation of nature and the environment, her meticulous drawings reflect growth, mutation and decay. These processes are further investigated via latex and silicon in her large-scale sculptural work. During her residency in the US Gül would like to see work which utilizes the materials she employs and to create new work.


Host: Triangle Arts Association, Brooklyn, NY

Arts Manager — For the last four years Jakalová has managed the Artists-in-Residence program at the MeetFactory Centre for Contemporary Arts in Prague – the largest AIR program in the Czech Republic – hosting more than 30 artists and other cultural practitioners annually. Aside from developing that program’s artistic and managerial concepts, Jakalová curates up to 7 solo and group shows a year. She works closely with visiting artists to develop presentation models and productions that go beyond the traditional exhibition format. During her residency in the US she welcomes the chance to elaborate and rethink models and institutional strategies employed by artists-in-residencies organizations and to observe their day-to-day administration.


Host: Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, CA

Artist — The most recent interest Kubiak pursues in her practice is the power of illusion and the role of scenography. She is especially interested in the constructions and artifice of Hollywood filmmaking. Her interests extend to the ambiguity of common space and she has worked within venues and buildings whose functions have been demolished or altered as was the case in her last performance, The Kiosk, which took place in an abandoned coffee and ice-cream stand in Tranas, Sweden. She has had one-person shows in Poznan and Lyon and has been included in group exhibitions throughout Europe. Kubiak hopes to dedicate her time in the US to developing a new project with US collaborators and to continuing her film historical research.


Host: Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, CA

Artist — As a freelance photojournalist Nematov is interested in human rights, anthropology and personal stories. In 2012 he received a grant from Open Society Foundation’s Documentary Photography Project and began his current examination of migrant laborers from Central Asia.
I Am A Foreigner
, addresses the issues and daily problems of migrants in Russia. Often undocumented, these workers can become subject to hazardous conditions and illegal situations. Nematov also works with students at the American University in Central Asia to develop their photojournalistic skills. Besides his contributions to photo magazines and publishing houses in Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, his work recently appeared on the pages of The Guardian and among Getty Images. Nematov hopes to continue to document migrant workers during his residency in the US. Further, he is interested in seeing diverse US cultures and in sharing ideas with local photographers. Website>>


Host: Vanderbilt University, Department of Art, Nashville, TN

Artist— Trained in sculpture, Radić now works with photography, video and installation to draw attention to the communication slippages and misapprehensions that so frequently occur. Radić’s work explores the ways certain images, art in general and understanding across cultures can fail. Radic has participated in myriad group shows and has had over forty solo shows internationally. She is currently interested in found snapshots and amateur video. During her residency she looks forward to continuing this research. She also hopes to gain an understanding of US culture beyond popular media imagery. Website>>


Host: Athens International Film + Video Festival, Athens, OH

Artist — A filmmaker, Urchuud addresses issues of contemporary Mongolian society through his cinematic vision. His recent feature documentary, Uran Khas (The Will to Art), is an observation of the lives and resurgent shamanist interests of featured contemporary Mongolian artists. The film was presented during the 2015 Berlinale Talents master class. He is also actively involved in community engagement programs for disadvantaged youth which assist in the development of life skills and creativity. He is the founding director of the Golden Reel International Underground Film Festival encouraging international cooperation among experimental filmmakers in Mongolia and abroad though a slate of experimental short films. While in the US, Urchuud seeks access to film archives and the opportunity to engage with and develop future collaborations.


Host: University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

Artist — Trained in mathematics and mechanics, Yakubov uses technology and media in the public sphere to explore the dialectic of the visible and hidden through engagements with non-art audiences. In a recent investigation of urban lighting, he used microelectronic IR sensors to alter the behavior of the lighting in a pedestrian underpass. In addition to his artistic practice he runs a school for young people, teaching the basics of electronics through media art projects. Yakubov looks forward to meeting colleagues and organizations in the US who are exploring media technology. He is also interested in US pedagogy around applied media and media theory.