Ivan Božičević

Host: Sonic Crossroads at Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

Artist – As a composer, pianist and organist, Božičević blends the styles and practices of jazz, minimalism, electronic and world music. He is a member of three Croatian jazz bands, and his compositions have been performed in several European countries and the US. Božičević hopes to learn of new musical and technological developments in the US, compose and perform with jazz and other music ensembles and give presentations about music composition, theory, and interpretation.


Dmitry Golynko

Host: University of Pennsylvania, Department of Slavic Languages, Philadelphia, PA

Artist – Golynko is an accomplished St. Petersburg-based poet and translator and a contributing editor of Moscow Art Magazine. He has written articles for numerous Russian- and English-language literature publications and, in 2008, Ugly Duckling Presse released an English translation of his book As it Turned Out. During his residency, he plans to prepare a new collection of poems for publication, give lectures on contemporary Russian poetry and evaluate the social dimension of poetry in the US.


Lucine Hovhannisyan

Host: Symphony Space, New York, NY

Artist – A singer, pianist and composer, Hovhannisyan has developed a mixed genre of ethnic, jazz, classical and traditional Armenian music. Her performances at venues throughout Europe and the US, including several at the World Music Expo (WOMEX), solidify her commitment to bring Armenian folk and experimental music to broader audiences. While in the US, she hopes to take part in cross-cultural collaborations and learn successful methods for promoting world music.


Zurab Karumidze

Host: Center for the Humanities, Washington University, St. Louis, MO

Artist –A freelance writer and television and radio talk show host, Karumidze is particularly interested in promoting American and Georgian contact, dialogue and cooperation. His publications include novels, short fiction, academic literary essays and articles on political, social and cultural issues in Georgia. He intends to gather material and experience with the American voice and mindset for a new writing project based on the life story of an American couple who traveled to a remote area of Georgia in the 1920s.


Mala Kline

Host: Redmoon Theater, Chicago, IL

Artist –Kline’s interdisciplinary choreography incorporates strategies of organizing bodily perception derived from film, visual arts and performance. She has toured extensively throughout Europe, and in the US, South America, the Middle East and the Far East, both with dance companies and with her own multimedia productions. She would like to engage with US performers, directors, filmmakers and sound artists interested in exploring different approaches to creating performance work.


Dominika Knapik

Host: Dance New Amsterdam, New York, NY

Artist – As a dancer and choreographer with a background in theater, Knapik is keenly interested in learning more about contact improvisation, body mind centering and other techniques for improving body awareness. Her newly-formed performance group, Harakiri Farmers, recently won first prize in the New Situations competition at the Malta International Theatre Festival for Keret. As co-founder of this collective, she hopes to discover new multimedia technologies and learn creative management and fundraising strategies.


Denis Kolokol

Host: California Institute of the Arts, School of Music, Valencia, CA

Artist – Kolokol uses acoustic instruments, voice and interactive electronic media to dissociate classical instrumentation from its historical context and blur the boundaries between artist and audience. In addition to creating electro-acoustic compositions, Kolokol writes for two Ukrainian culture magazines, and, in 2006, he organized and curated REPLICA, an international experimental media festival in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He is interested in meeting interactive media specialists and producing collaborative works using ambient sound.


Karlygash Makatova

Host: Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz Performance, New Orleans, LA

Arts Manager – Makatova is a piano instructor for the Almaty Youth Jazz School and the manager of the School’s International Jazz Festival. The students, aged six to seventeen, perform regularly at major events in Almaty and in festivals in Europe and the US. Makatova has also done a great deal to popularize jazz in Kazakhstan through the website www.jazz.kz. She would like to gain insight into performing and recording practices, intellectual property rights issues and strategies for sponsorship, curricular development and programming for the School.


Zsoka Nej

Host: Dance Theater Workshop, New York, NY

Arts Manager – As project manager for the Workshop Foundation, Nej produces shows and performances, organizes artist exchanges and facilitates international dance collaborations. With an eye toward bolstering the Hungarian dance community, the Workshop Foundation offers classes and workshops with international dance professionals, provides free rehearsal space and promotes the work of young choreographers internationally. During her residency, Nej hopes to gain understanding of management practices and strengthen the Foundation’s international network of partner organizations.


Malgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk

Host: The Playwrights' Center, Minneapolis, MN

Artist—Sikorska-Miszczuk’s plays have been performed widely in Europe and in the US and have been translated into English, German, Serbian, Romanian and French. She has won numerous awards including the Audience Prize and First Prize at a 2008 competition for plays organized by Teatr Polski in Poznan and a 2008 fellowship from the Polish Ministry of Culture. She is interested in learning about contemporary American drama and the American process of play development.


Ana Sofrenović

Host: The House Foundation, New York, NY and Yale School of Drama/Yale Repertory Theater, New Haven, CT

Artist – Heavily influenced by working with Meredith Monk in 2006, Sofrenović merges classical dramatic performance with vocal and filmic exploration. She is an internationally recognized film and theater actress as well as an accomplished director and vocalist. It is her goal, while in the US, to forge connections between performance artists and directors in the US and Serbia and attend workshops, lectures and performances that explore interdisciplinary performing arts practices.


Silvija Stipanov

Host: Ohio State University, Department of Theatre, Columbus, OH

Arts Manager – As one of the main producers and program developers for the Zagreb Student Center, Stipanov has organized international residency programs and award-winning performance series that promote emerging artists as well as bring international talent to the Zagreb arts scene. She is one of the creators of the program Culture of Change that has produced more than fifty theater shows, screened over one thousand films and hosted scores of other cultural events. She seeks to gain insight into the operations of non-profit institutions and learn more about how cultural management training programs function in the US.


Narek Tovmasyan

Host: University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati, OH

Arts Manager – Tovmasyan is the program director for the Menorah Center for the Arts, which develops and presents contemporary performances and public programs rooted in Jewish life and culture in Yerevan. He is interested in the cultural implications of cross-border cooperation and the political, social and economic features of the contemporary art world. With the final goal of redesigning the operational approach of the Menorah Center, he hopes to gain new management skills and develop partnerships with US organizations during his residency.


Maksim Tyumenev
Photo by Vitaly Evdokimov

Host: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA

Arts Manager – As the international projects manager of The Ilkholm Theatre of Mark Weil, Tyumenev coordinates the company’s international tours and exchanges in Russia, Western Europe, Asia and the US. The Ilkholm Theatre, based in Tashkent, is the only independent theater company in Uzbekistan with an audience of more than 25,000 spectators a year. Tyumenev hopes to engage in partnerships and observe the daily operations and funding strategies of similar self-sustaining theater companies in the US.


Borjana Ventzislavova

Host: Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA

Artist – Ventzislavova, working in the fields of film/video, photography, installation art, and new media, deals with issues of identity, migration and tourism, the marginalization of individuals and social groups and the adjustment of national borders. She has studied in Vienna, Rome and London and has shown her work in festivals and exhibitions throughout Europe and Russia. She hopes to further her examination of cultural diversity and migration by meeting with American artists and curators and participating in discussions and workshops during her residency.


Milan Vračar

Hosts: On the Boards, Seattle, WA and Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Portland, OR

Arts Manager – Vračar is an independent producer of numerous dance and performing arts projects and festivals in Slovenia, Serbia and throughout Europe. He is involved in organizing performances and fundraising for KUD Mreza, an arts association in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In addition, as president of Kulturanova, a cultural organization based in Novi Sad, Serbia, Vračar is active in cultural networks including the Balkan Express Network and Citizen’s Pact for South East Europe. He intends to gain familiarity with US dance and theater organizations and make contacts for future collaborations.